Monday, December 29, 2008

EricRoss was ordained an Elder!

I can't believe our little boy is eighteen and quickly approaching a mission. He was ordained an Elder by his father yesterday. It was such a neat experience to have our family together for this special ocassion. Grandpa and Grandma Daley came and Uncle Bill and Aunt Sherre were there. Along with our good friends the Heywoods. Here are a few pics of the day. Tomorrow we head for the Ranch to spend New Years with Grandpa and Grandma Daley.

Spending Time with Family During the Holidays

We had such a fun day with Eric's sister Rachel and her family. We all went bowling together. The kids got more acquainted with there cousins. It is just so much fun to spend time with family. We love you Creswells!

Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas

It's A White Christmas!!!

We are in Utah enjoying Christmas with our good friends the Heywoods. The kids are loving the snow. I love looking at the snow from the inside of the house.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall News From The Anderson's

Malia started Kindergarten, Soccer and just had her 6th birthday. She loves school. She made her first goal last week in her soccer game. She was pretty excited. All she wanted for her birthday was a lunchbox.

Ethan is doing great. He is a joy to be
around. He's doing good in school. He
loves to play basketball and ride his

Makenna loves hanging out with her friends. She is in the 8th grade this year.

Happy Kids! They are growing too fast!

EricRoss moves to Provo,Utah. He is going get a job and save for his mission. He will be rooming with his friend Justin Fernandez.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Celebrate Uncle LaMar's Life

LaMar's funeral was perfect from beginning to end. The girls sang "Families Are Forever" and LaMar's brother,sister, nephew and daughter spoke. We had some special friends from our Hauula ward sing Aloha Oe. The graveside service was amazing. A family friend sang the Marine Corp Hymn, someone played Taps and then they did a 21 gun salute. After all that the family members put their leis the casket. It was an emotional day.

Priceless moments we won't forget

Priceless moments we won't forget. Uncle LaMar played baseball with Malia most of the day on Christmas. He even went and bought her a left handed baseball glove. They had so much fun. LaMar always said that Malia should of been a Heywood. They had a special relationship. We love you Uncle LaMar!

LaMar's funeral was amazing. The funeral was held on Saturday, July 5th. LaMar has always been proud to be a Marine. Someone sang the Marine Theme Song and then played Taps. They even had a 21 gun salute. After that each family member laid their lei on the casket.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family memories with the Heywoods

Priceless moments we will never forget. LaMar and Malia were inseperable on Christmas Day.
Malia got a baseball and bat from Santa. Uncle LaMar and her played baseball all morning. The next day LaMar went out an bought Malia a left handed baseball glove. They had so much fun together. LaMar always said that Malia should have been a Heywood.
We Love You Uncle LaMar!

June Update

EricRoss graduated from seminary and high school this year. It's hard to believe that he's that old. He went to Philadelphia for the month of June to sell alarm systems. On June 25th we lost our dear friend and brother LaMar Heywood. So I flew out to be with Yasmin and the family and EricRoss came from Philly to be with the Heywoods. It's hard to explain the love and loss that we feel at this time. We were blessed to have LaMar, Yasmin and the kids spend this last Christmas with us in Texas. We have wonderful memories of our last visit with Uncle LaMar. Yasmin is doing well. She gains her great strength from the Lord. There has been an amazing out pouring of love and support from all those that knew and loved LaMar.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Aloha Everyone,

Life has changed quite abit in the last two weeks. EricRoss graduated from Seminary and High School. He finished his Eagle Scout requirements today June 13th on his 18th birthday. Thanks goodness for email. He left last Sunday for Philadelphia. He'll be working there this summer selling security alarm systems. His hoping to go to BYU Idaho in the fall.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our 1st Family Blog

We loved reading everyone's family blog. So we decided that we ought to join the fun. Our lives here in Texas are pretty busy. The kids are becoming real Texans. EricRoss will be graduating from High School on May 29th. He still is not sure what his plans are for the next year. Makenna turned 13 this year and she is loving Young Womens and babysitting. Ethan just turned 9 and loves playing with his friends and is getting ready for the Pinewood Derby. Our sweet Malia is growing too fast. She will be starting Kindergarten this August. She loves to play baseball and pretend school. Eric is doing his best at focusing on his health and being Mr. Mom. I have a great job that I really enjoy. I work with PreK teachers and also do staff development. Life here in Texas is GOOD! We do miss our family and friends in Hawaii. We often talk about our life in Hawaii and we all get teary eyed.