Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our 1st Family Blog

We loved reading everyone's family blog. So we decided that we ought to join the fun. Our lives here in Texas are pretty busy. The kids are becoming real Texans. EricRoss will be graduating from High School on May 29th. He still is not sure what his plans are for the next year. Makenna turned 13 this year and she is loving Young Womens and babysitting. Ethan just turned 9 and loves playing with his friends and is getting ready for the Pinewood Derby. Our sweet Malia is growing too fast. She will be starting Kindergarten this August. She loves to play baseball and pretend school. Eric is doing his best at focusing on his health and being Mr. Mom. I have a great job that I really enjoy. I work with PreK teachers and also do staff development. Life here in Texas is GOOD! We do miss our family and friends in Hawaii. We often talk about our life in Hawaii and we all get teary eyed.