Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on The Andersons

Elder Anderson is doing great. He loves the people of Peru. He recently had his camera stolen with ALL his mission pictures in it. I was sooo sad. I have been able to get two picutres from other missionary moms. In the group picture of missionaries he is the second from the right. The other picture is him eating at a Texas resurant in Peru. The rest of the gang is doing great. Malia just turned eight. Makenna is just finishing her second soccer season at Manti High School. Ethan played football this year and loved it. He is in his first year of middle school. Eric is keeping busy substituting at the high school and elementary school. I am still teaching first grade and working hard on finishing my masters in education administration by August. Our family has been so blessed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life in Utah

It has been a long time since I updated our blog. We are dong great here in Utah. Heavenly Father has blessed our family in so many ways. We have a beautiful home in Manti and we only live 3 blocks from the elementary school that I teach at and Ethan and Malia attend. We can see the Manti Temple from our bathroom window. I started my Masters program last October and will complete it one month before EricRoss gets home from his mission in Peru. EricRoss is loving his mission and growing so much. We love to get he's emails on Monday morning. Makenna has really enjoyed her first year of high school in Manti. She has played soccer,basketball and just started track. Eric's health is a struggle but he is working hard to maintain it. It has been blessing to be back at the University of Utah CF clinic.